Artwork prep

To reduce costs and speed up the process, there are several guidelines to consider.


Feel free to use one of our templates. They have been setup for you based on our guidelines.

Files accepted

In order to cut and engrave we require a vector file. Below is a list of file formats we accept.

  • DWG (Can be exported from AutoCad, Vectorworks, Illustrator)
  • AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator)
  • DXF (Can be exported from Vectorworks)
  • PDF (Can be exported from most drawing programs)
  • JPG and PNG (It is possible to raster and engrave Images but they must be saved as grayscale)

Colour lines/ cutting order

The laser cutter has a cutting order. You will need to assign all your cut and engrave lines as follows:

Red (RGB: 255 0 0) - Engrave

Green (RGB: 0, 255, 0) - Raster

Blue (RGB: 0, 0, 255) - Inner cut

Magenta (RGB: 255, 0, 255) - Outer cut

Feel free to use one of our templates. There are predefined layers which have been colour coded just for you.

The image below shows some brick work engraving which was drawn using red lines. The window cut lines were drawn in blue. The outer cut lines were drawn in Magenta.

Colour Lines

Engraving and laser cutting

Colour Lines

Engraved and Cutting coloured lines

Line weights

Line weights (cut and engrave) must be hairline or 0.076mm.

Lineweight in AutoCAD

AutoCad line weight

Lineweight in Illustrator

Illustrator line weight

Things to think about:

Labelling elements

It may be worth including engraved labels next to specific elements which will be helpful when assembling your work. This might prove essential if you are trying to fit all elements onto one sheet size.


Labelling elements


Please consider your artwork layout. Nesting elements of your drawing allows better use of the material and will save you money.


Nesting artwork

Minimum width cuts

When drawing and arranging your artwork, please consider minimum width cuts. Rule of thumb, no cut width should be less than the thickness of material. For materials less than 0.6mm it is suggested that the minimum cut width should remain at 0.6mm.

Minimum Width Cuts

Minimum width cut

The railings below have been laser cut from 0.2mm white card. The railings on the left have been drawn with 0.6mm spacing whereas the railings on the right haven't.

Correct railings

Correct minimum width

Burnt railings

Railings are too thin

Sheet Size

Our laser bed size is 800mm x 450mm. Please take this into account when setting up your drawing. By including a 800mm x 450mm border around your artwork, will give a clear indication to both yourself and us, layout and the size of your artwork. You can download our free template at the top of this page.

Most of the materials we supply are 800mm x 450mm however please check as some may be slightly smaller.

Artwork Size

Laser cutter bedsize

Grain Orientation

Grain orientation on materials such as veneer and plywood may affect your final outcome. The grain tends to run along the longest dimension of our products so please bare this in mind. 

Inner/outer cut lines

We cut all inner lines first to avoid any movement to the pieces. This gives a more accurate cut. Inner cutlines should be Blue (RGB: 0, 0, 255). Outer cutlines should be Magenta (RGB: 255, 0, 255).


We offer a masking service where we use low tack application tape to protect your work from burnt surfaces. This is extremely useful on MDF, veneer, paper and card. If using our masking service, please think about the complexity and time to remove the masking from smaller and more delicate elements.

Laser burn

Laser burn on surface

Laser burn

No laser burn

Both front and back surfaces of the material are likely to burn. We can apply application tape both front and back and it tape can be simply peeled off which will result in a much cleaner material surface. 

Laser burn

Surface burn on bottom surface

Laser burn

Simply peel off the tape


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